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Social Media Marketing

Facebook. Instagram. LinkedIn

Marketing Socially.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is no longer optional for small businesses in today’s society. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn hold the potential for businesses to grow and reach out to new customers through utilising the platforms enormous amount of accumulated data on individuals.

Data is at the core of most business. People underestimate the power of social data. Facebook holds the largest amount of data information about a person. They know who you are interacting with including all of the contacts in your phone, What websites you have visited, where you were when you logged in, every app you have ever used your Facebook account to interact with and every event your are interested in, not interested in and or are going to. You might think this sounds scary but it is tailoring your facebook experience to you is its the reason why its so successful. Facebook is able to paint a very clear picture of who you are and because they have the largest amount of accumulated data, they are the most effective at predicting what you are going to next….

Facebook is able to serve advertisements to target groups of people because they have the largest amount of accumulated data. It surprising how slow the adoption of utilising facebooks data power is within businesses. How can you question the effectiveness of social media advertising as a medium to influence consumer decision process given the amount of data they poses.

Wondering what dirt Facebook has on you? Check it out for yourself.